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Lowongan Kerja Theater Tech Teacher (FTE 0.40) Jakarta Selatan

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Berikut ini informasi lowongan kerja Theater Tech Teacher (FTE 0.40) di Jakarta Selatan bagi kamu yang sedang mencari informasi tersebut.

Jabatan: Theater Tech Teacher (FTE 0.40)

Perusahaan: Jakarta Intercultural School

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:

  • Provides Students with Positive and Appropriate Learning Experiences
  • Creates a safe learning environment
  • Demonstrates a variety of strategies for maintaining student motivation and interest
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skills in the content areas
  • Develops, plans, and delivers developmentally appropriate grade level curriculum
  • Plans learning sequences that enable students to meet standards and ideals set out in the Essential Qualities of a JIS Learner
  • Maintains a personal vision of committed, confident learners and uses that vision to guide learning goals, expectations, and standards for student work
  • Collaboratively contributes to the Student Support Team and executes ILP’s as appropriate for students in their charge
  • Uses a variety of assessments for, and of, student learning that are based on a clear definition of the type of achievement to be assessed and the performance standards for evaluating student achievement
  • Builds Positive Interpersonal Relationships:
  • Promotes positive interactions among students who have differing cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds
  • Fosters a sense of identity and pride in the school among students, parents, and colleagues
  • Maintains an open attitude toward new ideas and accepting of others whose experiences, opinions, and beliefs may differ
  • Collaborates with department team, school-wide teams, and Student Support Team
  • Seeks Ongoing Professional Growth:
  • Continues to acquire new learning and reflect new learning and professional practice
  • Shares in opportunities for in-service and workshop offerings
  • Shares professional knowledge with colleagues
  • Works closely with Department Heads, Subject Coordinators, and specialist teachers to plan cooperatively, develop curriculum and maintain a positive, professional school climate
  • Sets goals for professional development, takes advantage of professional development opportunities, and demonstrates current best practices in the field of education
  • Communicates Effectively:
  • Provides opportunities for parent involvement in school programs, activities or the classroom
  • Posts to the JISNet or otherwise makes public curriculum documents and unit plans
  • Communicates concerns for students who may be experiencing social, emotional, or academic difficulties to the Student Support Team
  • Communicates effectively with students
  • Communicates effectively with parents
  • Communicates curriculum expectations clearly and on a regular basis
  • Maintains open lines of ongoing communication with parents
  • Administration – Scheduling – Planning – Supervision
  • Has strong working knowledge of Theatrical Lighting design and operation, Set design and construction, and Sound design and operation, and can execute required designs for scheduled activities.
  • Coordinates with the Activities offices at all three divisions as well as Facilities to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Coordinates with the director of scheduled activity to make sure all appropriate equipment and setup are in place.
  • Establishes guidelines and enforces them to make sure the theater uses only for intended purposes and only at scheduled times.
  • Supervises theater technicians and support/cleaning staff.
  • Provides information to the Facilities regarding cleaning needs, building repairs and maintenance needs.
  • Provides advice and assistance to the Production manager on sources of appropriate support services for each production.
  • Provides advice to production manager on duties, which related to proper use of the theaters.
  • Consults & coordinates with the Activities, Athletics and Facilities on theater use by non-JIS groups.
  • Provides information to Activities, Athletic and Fine Art faculty on theater use to assist in planning the yearly activity calendar.
  • Develops a yearly report on theater use.
  • Advises and supervises issues related to theater safety i.e.: fire safety, electrical safety.
  • Advises, coordinates and make sure that the theaters are clean, safe, and ready for the next user, following each and every event.
  • Helps coordinate rehearsal spaces for K-12 Productions and other events.
  • Oversees and arranges the complete Strike for each production.
  • Equipment Management & Support
  • Maintains inventory of all equipment and supplies – arranges for issuing and return.
  • Keeps all equipment in proper working order by establishing maintenance schedules and monitoring them.
  • Designs replacement schedules for theater equipment.
  • Maintains contacts with local and oversee suppliers in order to have up to date information on new developments in theater equipment.
  • Coordinates, Supervises the maintenance and improvement of theater facilities including rigging, curtains, lighting, sound equipment and furnishing.
  • Budgeting and purchasing
  • Prepares annual operating and capital budgets for theater operation.
  • Monitors theater budget throughout the year.
  • Prepares purchase orders and coordinate with purchasing office.
  • Ensures that the purchase of any new equipment is compatible with existing equipment and suitable for use at JIS.
  • Coordinates design and upgrades to theater technical equipment according to performance need and replacement schedule.
  • General
  • Establishes procedures and informs administration on how to implement them in the event of emergencies that occur when the theater manager and/or theater technician is not on the campus.
  • Performs other duties in support of Activities and Athletics.
  • Embraces the JIS Learning Dispositions of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relating, and Reflecting
  • Performs other related duties and assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the High School Principal, including and not limited to other projects when deemed necessary.
  • Minimum a bachelor’s degree, MA is preferred, major in Drama/Theater Arts/Technical Theatre
  • Relevant Teaching credential
  • Possesses strong working knowledge of Technical Theatre, including Lighting Design and operation, Set Design and construction, and Sound Design and operation.
  • Can develop Theatre Tech curriculum and stay abreast of current developments in Theatre technologies
  • Supervises, teaches, and guides student Theatre Tech teams while working on productions
  • Demonstrates facility experience within a large fine arts theatre complex
  • Has experience with, and demonstrates a commitment to, a Professional Learning Community model
  • Champion of Differentiated Instruction and EAL in the Mainstream
  • Computer literacy and an ability to integrate technology in the classroom
  • Demonstrates background in associating with students outside of the classroom environment
  • Previous experience in a similar international school setting
  • A clear commitment to Child Protection, safety, service learning, and environmental stewardship

Mid-Senior Level / Manager Education and Training Education Management 1 opening Bachelor’s degree graduate

With five original students, Jakarta Intercultural School was founded by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant schooling in English for children of expats in the newfound Republic of Indonesia. From early days the school’s international identity was clear. It was originally named the Joint Embassy School (J.E.S.) after its British, American, Australian and (then) Yugoslavian embassy partners. Just over a decade later, in 1978, J.E.S. became Jakarta International School and in 2014, Jakarta Intercultural School.

Perkiraan Gaji:

Lokasi: Jakarta Selatan

Tanggal Lowongan: Sat, 28 May 2022 22:23:17 GMT

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