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Lowongan Kerja Social Safeguards Specialist Jakarta Pusat

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Berikut ini informasi lowongan kerja Social Safeguards Specialist di Jakarta Pusat bagi kamu yang sedang mencari informasi tersebut.

Jabatan: Social Safeguards Specialist

Perusahaan: Badan Pengelola Dana Lingkungan Hidup

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:

  • As a priority, coordinate with the Environmental Safeguards Consultant to establish a workplan, outlining specific activities and action plans for the review of IEF’s current ESSMF and establishment of an ESMS. The consultant should agree on clear assignment, including divisions of roles and responsibilities with the Environmental Safeguards Consultant to deliver the below assignments. He/She may do this by assigning ‘primary deliverable’ and ‘supporting inputs’ roles to ensure consistent collaboration (see template section E).
  • Monitor and assist IEF in the implementation of the project’s Environmental and Social Commitment Plan as agreed with the World Bank.
  • Work with the Environmental Safeguards Specialist on the preparation of analytical work to review the IEF’s current ESSMF and prepare an action plan for setting up an ESMS in compliance with national laws and regulations, the World Bank’s ESF, the REDD+ safeguards requirements and other requirements from development partners or donors when applicable.
  • Prepare supporting safeguards instruments for implementation of the IEF’s ESMS
  • Develop criteria and indicators for Social Safeguards of IEF based on ESSMF, ESF, SIS-REDD+, and other safeguards frameworks/systems, and apply these to risk level assessment, mapping of risk, and identification of how to mitigate the risk.
  • Prepare risk profiles for typical environmental and social impacts and issues associated with activities to be financed by IEF (e.g., environmental damage, social and tenure conflict, emission reversal/carbon leakage).
  • Prepare a capacity-building plan and its training materials with regard to the ESMS awareness raising and implementation, both for internal IEF personnel as well as other line ministries/intermediary agencies that may apply for IEF funding.
  • Work in collaboration with the Environment Safeguards Consultant and the IEF focal point in the preparation of the above tasks.
  • Serve as an expert in social safeguards to assist IEF in its day-to-day operations as required, including providing advice and capacity building on environmental safeguards issues and quality assurance of safeguards instruments for implementation of IEF activities. This may include interaction with high-level officials in IEF and its key counterparts, including national and international stakeholders.
  • In coordination with the Communication Engagement Strategy Specialist, facilitate receipt of and response to complaints and respond to consultation and disclosure requests from stakeholders associated with environmental and social aspects of IEF by liaising with the Environmental Safeguards Specialist and the IEF secretariat.
  • Other tasks as deemed necessary to assist IEF in relation to social safeguards implementation.
  • Periodic review and communication with IEF focal points of the status of the action plans or key things to do for the ESMS establishment and implementation.
  • The Social Safeguards Specialist shall prepare all the deliverables in accordance to the timeframe.
  • Master’s Degree in a relevant Social Science discipline or in Management, Natural Resource or Agricultural Economics or related fields, with at least 5 years of solid experience and professional background in social risk, social impact assessment (SIA), Social / Community Development, Indigenous Peoples Development and Natural Resource Management with reference to the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) or World Bank’s Safeguards Policies; familiarity with Climate Change in Indonesia would be an advantage.
  • Substantial professional experience in carbon leakage, carbon emission transfer and UNFCCC standards (will be advantaged).
  • Professional experience in technical support and advisory on social risk management, including country system strengthening.
  • Proven ability to conceptualize, design and produce major and complex safeguards instruments, reports and studies.
  • Demonstrated professional leadership and ability to lead a team of professionals in the execution of major safeguards interventions in high-risk or complex investment projects.
  • Ability to effectively and proactively mentor and coach junior staff on the IEF’s safeguards policies.
  • Strong organizational, analytical and research skills.
  • Proven ability to work in a team with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Associate / Supervisor Management and Consultancy Government Administration 1 opening Master’s degree graduate

A healthy and functioning environment is the right of every citizen of Indonesia. Indonesia’s national development agenda should be based on principles of sustainable development which are also environmentally friendly. The Government of Indonesia (GoI) recognizes that climate change and its many threats to human life and livelihoods present unique challenges to achieving this vision and Indonesia has prepared a series of policies to tackle these issues. At the Conference of Parties meeting in Paris in 2015, the GoI pledged through its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to reduce Indonesia’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 41% by 2030 with international assistance (29% with its own resources) relative to a business-as-usual (BAU) scenario. To meet these targets and to ensure the sustainability of environmental protection and management, a significant increase in public and private financing that is blended and channeled to strategic environmental and climate priorities in a credible and accountable way is required.The Environmental Fund Management Agency (Badan Pengelola Dana Lingkungan Hidup/BPDLH) was officially formed in September 2019 and launched in October 2019 to bring multiple sources of funding together to be deployed through a variety of instruments across a number of different sectors (including forestry, energy and mineral resources, carbon trading, environmental services, industry, transport, agriculture, marine and fisheries). BPDLH is an environmental funding (EF) mechanism for channeling and distributing environmental and climate funds to support Indonesia’s vision to preserve the functions of the environment and prevent environmental pollution and degradation. This includes efforts to achieve Indonesia’s commitment to reduce Indonesia’s GHG emissions and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The BPDLH is a public service agency (BLU), a non-echelon unit that is accountable to and structurally operationalized under the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. A BLU is a government entity in Indonesia that has the legal flexibility and autonomous authority to manage its operations and is not dependent on the state budget (APBN) but can source funds from it. The BLU structure allows BPDLH to receive grants and loans, and to disburse them alongside several other economic instruments. BPDLH aims to fulfill its vision to be an environmental trust fund that is professional, credible and trusted by the world.The purpose of the BPDLH is to channel funds through a variety of instruments to specific projects and activities that support its overall objective to improve management and protection of the environment, support environmentally friendly economic activities and reduce GHG emissions. The BPDLH aims to become a credible and trusted environmental funds management agency that manages, raises and disburses funds to support Indonesia to achieve its environmental and climate commitments.

Perkiraan Gaji:

Lokasi: Jakarta Pusat

Tanggal Lowongan: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 23:32:10 GMT

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