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Jabatan: Engineer, Footwear Product Operations

Perusahaan: VF Corporation

Deskripsi Pekerjaan: Job Ad Role & Responsibilities: Position Definition (Key Purpose of the Position) : Ensure quality of development samples and meet milestone dates according to the published product creation calendar Maintain and track the commercialization timeline and additional reporting needs, and share out with FTW functional teams Ensure pre-production activities are carried out at the assigned factories with a focus on engineering for best productivity, product quality consistency, product integrity and performance in accordance with the brands policies and best practices. Accountable for all production related activities in the nominated vendor ensuring that production quality is being maintained to FTW standards, SOPs are being adhered to, and that “on time performance” obligations are being met. Ensures VF CSR standards are being maintained and continually elevated for the betterment of people and the planet. Executes VF Product strategic initiatives captured on OGSTM. Key Result Areas: Carry out development, commercialization, pre-production and production related activities within his/her assigned factory to ensure that production quality is being maintained to VF standards and that “on time performance” obligations are being met. Delivers the job goals by developing strategic relationships and effective communication with VF’s cross functional departments such as QM, GMS, Engineering, SO, CSR, Planning, Costing organizations as well as related factory departments/teams to execute Costing, commercialization, pre-production and mass production on time and in accordance with VF’s policies and procedures. Product Development/Commercialization Manage the development process with Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors across prototype, line close, salesman samples, Tech 1 confirmation samples and SMU requests. Responsible for inspection of all development samples, including sales samples at various COO’s Conduct core related footwear activities around New Bottoms (TNs) / New Uppers / Color Ups including but not limited to project history, model fit approval, raw material testing, full shoe testing, wear testing, material swatch signoff and cost approval Plan Buy Ready process by SKU Communicate product and performance requirements to Tier 1 vendors to adhere to VF standards Responsible for problem solving around construction / performance / costing / process and SOP sequences to enable consistent production at the highest level Coordinate development factory capacity and material purchasing according to needed production creation calendar milestones. Balance capacity needs with allocations on an ongoing basis Review Brand PD tech package information before conducting Tech 2 trials / check and confirm Tier 1 vendor pattern grading is to Industry and/or brand standards Confirm raw material and product testing meets Industry or brand standards before conducting Tech 2 trials. Review and confirm acceptance of raw material or shoe overrides received from Brand PD. Confirm sample size pattern and molds before conducting salesman sample making. Confirm Tech 2 tooling for handover to production Assist on building production specifications Propose and implement ideas around cost savings, efficiency, automation and process & quality improvements Conduct Tech 2 trials according to the SOP to confirm the manufacturing process Confirm fit and wear testing is best in class and fit for purpose Commercialization/Pre-Production Coordinates with the factories the scheduling & execution of commercialization/pre-production trials (T3 and T4) to ensure VF quality standards and requirements for the engineering and manufacturing of footwear are being adhered to. Continuously review product/process improvements necessary to achieve best productivity, production quality consistency, product integrity and performance. Assist in the implementation of new technologies. Validate all activities related to product specification, SOPs, and testing to ensure product meets the Brands required standard. Ensures accurate and timely handover of all product SOP, specifications and Tech reports to all parties including factory & VF QA. Executes product “transfers out” at the assigned factories ensuring tech packages are fully evaluated, accurate and complete, and delivered on time to the transfer in factory. Executes the “transfer in” of products at the assigned factories ensuring tech packages are complete and accurate and commercialized on time to achieve target BR while adhering to the required quality standards. Maintains seasonal pre-production & transfer tracker updated weekly. Work with factories to achieve Automation Index target, improve production efficiencies and accomplish consistent product quality in mass production. Production Work closely with VF and the factory planning team to validate factory production planning schedule to achieve “on time performance” targets. Manage production line during start-up of TN/NU, “Hyper Care” or “NPI” or “LEAF” to ensure production status and produce meet required quality standards. Perform OG Mold preventive audit on monthly basis, validates and verifies completion of corrective action plan. Cooperate with VF QA, Global Supply Planning, and GMS Team to support the factory if on time performance is compromised. Make day to day decisions associated with the production SOP’s with the defined scope of responsibilities. Execute Automation Strategy including RFI operation to support AI reporting process. Execute CSR internal checklist on monthly basis and validate completion of corrective action plans. Execute production related activities to ensure adherence with SOP’s and product specification. Competency Requirements : Possess deep understanding and technical knowledge/know-how of all footwear categories/constructions as well as material physical properties. Basic knowledge of Automation/Computer stitching for upper pattern construction, grading/pattern interlocking for the convenience of Automation/ Computer stitching operation. General knowledge/skills of last making and measurements. General knowledge of molds/bottom checking to find potential issues during pre-production trial for new developments. Integrate the best possible technical application for product without compromising on design specification and cost allowance. Seek potential cost savings. Influence beyond his/her direct control through personal credibility. Embrace VF Guiding Principles: “Live with Integrity”, “Act Courageously”, “Be Curious”, “Act with Empathy”, “Persevere”. Must have branded footwear experience. Establish and maintain relationships effectively with partner factories and VF cross-functional Teams. Ability to identify product quality and integrity risks, provide recommendations for CAP Experience Minimum Relevant Experience: PD/Commercialization, Pre-production & Production experience in footwear or related field with a multinational company. Good command of English language and excellent communication skills. Good computer skills in Windows operating environment (Office, Word, Excel, etc.).

Perkiraan Gaji:

Lokasi: Jawa Tengah

Tanggal Lowongan: Sat, 22 May 2021 00:02:04 GMT

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